Paradigm - Ireland's No1 Autodesk Training Centre

Paradigm scored number one of all ATCs in Ireland during 2014, according to official Autodesk statistics.

All attendees at courses run by Autodesk Authorised Training Centres (ATCs) are requested to complete an evelaution at the end of their training course. They rate theri experience on a number of parameters as follows:

  • Facilities & Resources (F&R)
  • Instructor Quality (IQ)
  • Course Content & Materials (CC&M)
  • Overall Performance (OP)
  • Overall Experience (OE)
  • Corrected Overall Experience – only collated where more than 100 evaluations P.A.

Results for 2014 were as follows:

The figures underline Paradigm’s commitment to the highest standards in delivering professional training in BIM and CAD technology. In addition to being an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre, Paradigm is also a recognised training provider for the RIAI and Engineers Ireland, so courses qualify for appropriate points under their CPD programmes.

Paradigm has also been involved in the development of blended learning courses., which comprise a combination of online and classroom delivery to provide the best of both worlds. Our Revit Architecture Professional blended learning course, developed in conjunction with the E- learning department at DIT, combines the advantage of traditional classroom delivery (enhanced motivation & completion rates) with the advantages of e-learning techniques (flexibility & cost) and is specifically designed to prepare attendees for the Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional certification examination, an internationally recognised qualification.

Further information contact : Des McGrane – Tel: (01) 2960-155

Revit Architecture Professional training course

Paradigm Education’s Revit Architecture Professional course uses new blended learning techniques comprising:

  • Classroom sessions for enhanced student/tutor interaction
  • Online modules to minimise cost and work disruption

Unlike the standard three-day Essentials course, the Revit Architecture Professional course comprises the equivalent of eight days traditional classroom delivery, giving attendees a comprehensive knowledge of Revit Architecture and preparing them for the Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional Certification examination.

The course is modular, so students can attend the entire course or select modules to match their training needs. Each module comprises one day of classroom training plus online assignments. The full course (five days classroom training and three days of online learning) is spread over five weeks, ensuring that topics are covered in-depth and at a pace which enables students to fully absorb the content.

We were very happy with the training received, with the trainer's knowledge of the software and the in particular, his industry experience. The venue was very asccessible. We are hoping to send further staff for training in Revit shortly.

Carole O'Riordan, Senior Associate, Moloney O'Beirne Architects

I recently completed the Revit Architecture 2014 Professional Course via Paradigm Education. In doing so I received my certification as they are a recognised Autodesk Training Centre. I would strongly recommend this course to anybody planning on making the conversion from AutocCAD to Revit.

Seán Nolan RIAI (Tech) BSc. Arch , Dip. Arch Tech, Dip. Proj. Man, National University of Ireland Maynooth

It was a pleasure participating in your excellent course, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to others who are seeking a comprehensive introduction to the workings of Autodesk Revit. Also, it was just great to get the certification at the end of it.

Colm McEldowney, Personal Client

Other details

Commencement Date: monthly from January 2014
Duration:  5 days over 4 weeks: - 1 day/week - weeks 1-4, 2 days/week  - week 5
Location: Paradigm Education, Paradigm House, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14
Content/Format: The course includes online tutorials/assignments in addition to classroom sessions and project work. Courseware is official Autodesk approved courseware. Paradigm is an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC). The company is also a registered training provider with the RIAI and Engineers Ireland.
Certification: The course includes the official Autodesk Revit Architecture Professional examination, which takes place at the conclusion of the course. Paradigm is an Autodesk Authorised Certification Centre. The exam is held at our premises and invigilated by Paradigm staff.  Upon successful completion of the exam, a candidate receives notification by Autodesk and their details can be entered into an international database of Autodesk certified Revit  Professionals. Currently, this is the only internationally recognized certification in this software.
Fees: €895 – Corporate rate; €595 – Jobseeker/Personal rate. This includes courseware, assessment/practice tests and examination fee.

Further information contact : Des McGrane – Tel: (01) 2960-155

BIM for Infrastructure


The application of BIM for Infrastructure is rapidly accelerating as owners and engineering service providers increasingly recognise the benefits of 3D modelling using intelligent objects.

The adoption of BIM impacts on the business, the processes and the technology we use and to reap the rewards of BIM we need to understand this technology.

Paradigm has developed a range of courses aimed at different stages of the BIM lifecycle, for different types of projects, putting together common workflows with different skill levels.

The courses below are aimed to cover a range of common applications but, talk to us if you
have a particular requirement and we can discuss creating a course suited to your needs.

Preliminary Design Stage - Course: Conceptual Design for Infastructure

Planning Stage - Course: GIS Planning and Analysis Tools

Design & Documentation Stage -Courses: Civil3D Essentials; Survey & Ground Modelling; Road Corridor Design (Junctions); Road Overlay Design; Site Development

Building Stage -Course: Navisworks Essentials

Further information on all courses Click here or for further information contact: Des McGrane – Tel: (01) 2960-155

Student Evaluations – Paradigm scores 90+% on all counts


As an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC), all attendees at Paradigm training courses are requested to complete an online evaluation at the end of each course, which is collated by Autodesk. The results of these evaluations are available to ATCs in order to monitor their performance and make any enhancements indicated. This information is collected on an ongoing basis and we now have the results for 2013.

122 attendees completed the evaluation procedure. A number of parameters are evaluated on a numeric scale of 5, where 1 is “Completely Dissatisfied/Lowest Score” and 5 is “Completely Satisfied/Highest Score”. Thus the total maximum score for each parameter is 610 (122 X 5). Paradigm’s results on these parameters for 2013 were as follows:        

Total Score % Satisfaction Average (out of 5)
Overall Experience
574 94 4.70
Computer Equipment
557 91 4.57
Training Facility
562 92 4.61
593 97 4.86
572 94 4.69

Attendees are also asked if they would recommend the course/instructor/training facility to a friend. Results, again on a 5 point scale, were as follows:

Total Score % Satisfaction Average (out of 5)
574 94 4.70
590 97 4.84
Training Facility
558 91 4.57

Attendees also gave ratings, again on a 5 point scale, to the following questions:

Total Score % Satisfaction Average (out of 5)
I learned new knowledge and skills
590 97 4.84
I will be able to apply the new skills I learned     
569 95 4.66
The new skills I learned will improve my performance
569 93 4.66

Paradigm is continuously developing new courses and approaches to professional training, including our new blended learning initiative, designed not only to reduce the cost of training but increase its flexibility and reach.

Paradigm, Paradigm House, Dundrum Office Park Dublin 14. Telephone: +353 1 2960155, Fax.: +353 1 2960080, Email: